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Author Biography

Sean McMullen is one Australia's leading SF and fantasy authors and lives in Melbourne with his wife Trish and daughter Catherine. He has had eight books published, has sold another, and is the winner of eleven awards for SF and fantasy. In addition, he has sold several dozen short stories to magazines such as Analog, Interzone, and Fantasy & Science Fiction, and was co-author of Strange Constellations, a History of Australian SF. His international sales cover the USA, Britain, France, Poland and Japan. He works in scientific computing, and has bachelor's and master's degrees from Melbourne University, and post-graduate diplomas in computer science, information science and business management. He is currently doing a PhD in Medieval Fantasy Literature at Melbourne University, where he is also the deputy instructor at the campus karate club, and a member of the fencing club. Before he began writing, Sean spent several years in student reviews and theatre, and was lead singer in three rock and folk bands. After singing in several early music groups and choirs, he spent two years in the Victorian State Opera before he began writing.

Sean is well known for his talks on SF and Fantasy—most recently at the 2001 World SF Convention in Philadelphia, and the Australian 2002 National SF Convention. His thirteen-year-old daughter Catherine is also a professional SF and fantasy author, and holds the record for the youngest-ever author to have a professionally published SF story in an adult magazine. His SF innovations include a Roman time machine powered by human labor, a workable computer using humans as components, an alternative to both death and immortality, a scientifically valid form of telepathy, and an original method of space vehicle propulsion. The characters in his works are particularly strong and humorous, reflecting Sean's early background in student reviews at Melbourne University. His most recent novel is Eyes of the Calculor (Tor, 2001), and is the third of his award winning Greatwinter trilogy. Voyage of the Shadowmoon will be published by Tor in October 2002, and is a fantasy about a wind-powered submarine and its very unusual crew. Visit Sean McMullen's Official Website.

Photo by John de la Lande.