Author Biography and Bibliography


Terry Dowling is Australia's most awarded writer of science fiction, fantasy and horror. He is author of Rynosseros, Blue Tyson, and Twilight Beach (the Tom Rynosseros saga); Wormwood, The Man Who Lost Red, An Intimate Knowledge of the Night, Antique Futures: The Best of Terry Dowling, and Blackwater Days; and co-editor of Mortal Fire: Best Australian SF and The Essential Ellison.

Dowling's stories have appeared locally in such magazines as Omega Science Digest, Australian Short Stories, Aphelion, Eidolon, and Aurealis and anthologies as diverse as Dreaming Down Under, Centaurus: The Best of Australian Science Fiction, Alien Shores, The Oxford Book of Australian Ghost Stories and The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy. Overseas publications include The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Interzone, Ténèbres, Ikarie, Event Horizon, and Japan's SF; and appearances in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror and The Year's Best Horror.

Photo by Cat Sparks