Author Biography and Bibliography


Greg Beatty earned a PhD in English from the University of Iowa. Before graduate school, he held the usual assortment of odd jobs, including licensed massage therapist, and tending bar on a charter boat. He's published hundreds of short non-fiction pieces, including over a hundred related to genre fiction. Many of these can be found in The New York Review of Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, and Tangent Online. He attended Clarion West in 2000. Clarion reawakened his early desire to write fiction. Greg's been writing away ever since, and much happier for it. He's had thirty stories accepted for publication since then, in venues ranging from Palace of Reason and Ideomancer to the new British magazine 3SF, as well as several anthologies. Greg funds his writing habit by teaching for the University of Phoenix Online. When he's not at his computer, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Kathleen.

Photo by Joshua Hunter.