Author Biography and Bibliography


Barry N. Malzberg is the author of more than 30 SF novels and more than 250 SF short stories, as well as thrillers and erotic novels under his own name and various pseudonyms. He won the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for his 1972 novel, Beyond Apollo. His fiction, like his critical writing, often casts a bleak and mordant eye on matters, particularly the state of the science fiction field; indeed, his 1982 collection of critical essays, The Engines of the Night, outlines Malzberg's progressive disenchantment with the genre, in light of the course it had taken during the 1970s. Behind that despairing surface, however, lies a deep dedication to the idea of science fiction—its possibilities, its ideals, its finest moments—that lends his criticism the weight of authority: it is born of love.